The Nussbaumer incident is starting to haunt Jessica. She is trying to take care of funeral arrangements but the cops are constantly on her tail. Moreover, they are starting to interview people that associate with her. Malcolm is quite calm about it all but Trish got hit by it hard. She is still trying to digest her mother’s death and cops just start interviewing you on a different murder. There also is a chance that there is another reason it is affecting her. Jessica’s main culprit is Erik, who has the clearest motive. Looks like Jess has even more on her plate and not even Costa will be able to save her from this.

This episode feels a bit more comedic. Even with Dorothy’s death, they use this opportunity to let her personality shine through. It was kind of morbid listening to her rather bizarre demands including Trish’s old songs being played. Jess and Trish’s reactions were perfect and it just felt perfectly in character for Dorothy. What really elevated this episode was the build-up to the funeral. Jessica talking about her past and the darker side that they have lived through with Dorothy. Still, she gave her the armchair she uses to have in her room, which just was such a nice moment. Then throwing in everyone talking about how Dorothy saved their career, helping them out in troubled times and many more just really pushed that emotional moment.

Most of the episode builds up the mystery who the real killer is of Nussbaumer. Jessica’s line on the fear of finding what you don’t want to find is the perfect summary of this episode. Erik is the perfect set-up and as a result, is just too obvious. Her going through his stuff and finding files already tipped the scales towards the true culprit. Moreover, the force required to beat someone to death and make the connection to it being Jessica would already hint at the culprit having powers. It still is shocking to see this turn of events make Trish into a killer but it did fit the general set-up of the season.

Brianna returned into the plot and I am confused. Not that it isn’t an interesting set-up but it feels unnecessary. Her role in the plot was pretty much over so this might not bode well for her or Erik further down the line. The same goes for the Kith storyline that does not feel connected to the overall plot. At least in the first season. Hogarth’s entire storyline was deeply intertwined with the plot but with each season is feels less involved. Yes, she is working for Salinger but it seems she dropped him anyway as soon as it got too serious. Now, she is trying to take it out on Trish for finding out that she is the masked vigilante. Her entire plot skips around and feels a bit unfocused. I do believe it works but it just is missing what the first season offered with Hogarth’s character. Thematically it works perfectly but it feels like a step back for the character. After building her up as a rather sympathetic character with a darker side it feels like they are setting her up to sacrifice herself for someone. We’ll see where the rest of the season heads to.


3 out of 5

The episode has some great moments. Everything surrounding Dorothy was great and it added some nice levity to the season, especially after the more personal and slower episode before it. Still, the whole set-up of who the true killer is does feel slightly too obvious in hindsight. It makes sense thematically and within the plot. There seems to be a lot of potential to explore this direction but I hope the season does not forget that Salinger is the main villain that was set-up. His introduction was quite late so it be sad if he would get completely side-lined once the season ends the Defenders era.


  • Anyone else wondered if they would play “I want your Cray Cray” at the funeral? It would’ve been in character for Dorothy.
  • Perhaps they took the name Hellcat a little too literal. Well, actually not enough as she doesn’t have any actual connection to hell. Still, one could say that this is a personal hell that is turning her into an anti-hero.