Alright, folks, I’ll be taking over from Matt for reviews six through ten. So, let’s get to it. In this episode, everything starts to go sideways. The episode starts off with an auditory cameo from Jessica Jones character, Trish Walker, via her radio show Trish Talk, fielding calls about the community’s response to Luke’s actions. This was a nice touch that helps the Marvel Netflix shows really feel like they’re all connected. While Trish’s callers may have a mixed opinion on their new neighborhood hero, Cottonmouth most certainly wants Luke Cage dead and gone.

But unfortunately for Cornell, things just keep getting going from bad to worse. Entrusting Scarfe to retrieve his Hammer Tech guns, the corrupt cop turns the tables and demands 100,000 dollars in return for the weapons. This results in a shootout that sees Scarfe scurrying away to Pop’s Barbershop. Fortunately for Scarfe, Luke stumbles upon him and he’s brought Marvel’s Night Nurse, Claire Temple along to the scene.

Yes indeed, Claire and she and Luke Cage are having a team-up – and it’s awesome! Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson work really well together. But to be fair, everyone works well with Rosario. She lights up every scene she’s in. Now that Clair’s fixed up her fair share of wounded heroes, she’s more than able to do some impromptu surgery and fix up Scarfe as best she can, buying him at least some time. But when Scarfe reveals that he was the one that killed Chico, all of Claire’s hard work is almost undone by an enraged Luke. Disgusted, Luke tries to leave Scarfe but as the title of the episode states, “Suckas Need Bodyguards”, and this sucka both needs Luke’s protection and has the evidence that could get Cottonmouth convicted. So Luke finds and retrieves the evidence from Scarfe’s apartment, but of course, it can’t be as simple as strolling into the police headquarters.


Meanwhile, Lieutenant Perez is coordinating with Cottonmouth to come down on Scarfe and Misty’s along for the ride. While Misty might be in the dark about Perez’s corruption initially, she catches on and tricks him into making a recorded confession without breaking a sweat. As always, Simone Missick is fantastic and brings her “A” game as the determined detective. She’s smart, capable, and brings a great emotional dimension to her character as she tries to locate her misbegotten partner.

But the cops aren’t the only ones looking for Scarfe. It becomes a race against time with Cottonmouth’s goons to get to One Police Plaza. The episode builds to a great and thrilling chase sequence, both on wheels and on foot. My heart stopped when Claire held the fading Scarfe as a vehicle barreled towards them, only to be saved at the last moment by Luke. It was a definite “hell yeah” moment.


But it wasn’t enough, Scarfe succumbs to his injuries. And though he was a real weasel, I’m actually going to miss the guy. Thankfully, his death wasn’t all in vain. With Scarfe’s evidence, Cottonmouth is arrested and the game has been changed.

While all of this action is going on, some of the most character work is going on between our two favorite criminal cousins. Mariah and Cottonmouth’s relationship continues to be contentious. Cottonmouth’s proven to have a serious problem managing his criminal empire and might be more of a liability than an assist for Mariah. Honestly, I think Mariah should be running the show. In this episode, in particular, they really highlight her ruthless and creative side. As she and Cottonmouth are going over ways to take out Luke, she actually comes up with logical and realistic ways to bring a bulletproof man down. Drowning, poisoning, and setting him on fire, are much more reasonable and cost-effective methods to kill Luke than some magic Judas bullet. It’s like they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to hurt a man with unbreakable skin. The most twisted of Mariah’s suggestions would have to be finding out if Luke has a woman and hurting him through her.

For my money, the most interesting thing going on is Mariah’s balancing act between being a respectable politician and her family obligations. The shadow of the much spoken about Mama Mable looms in the background. Mariah takes an old picture of the matriarch and slams it down. The fear of turning into her is something she really struggles with and it’s an interesting take for the character. And now that her cousin has gone to jail, what will Mariah do?


Four Out Of Five Totaled Green Vans. This was a great entry to the ongoing story and really shakes up the status go.


  • Misty tricking Perez into confessing
  • Two Jessica Jones references
  • Obama Singing Al Green Reverence
  • But, boo! No musical act for this episode