Everything is slowly coming together in the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Ruby has finally achieved her goal. Daisy is taking the lead to put an end to Hale’s HYDRA and to stop the Destroyer of Worlds from ever becoming a reality. Talbot has been pushed to his limits and is ready to comply. Everything the last two episodes have been building up to has finally come to pass. We get many wonderful character moments in a rather dark episode that shows the true danger of working with Gravitonium.

This episode was about Ruby’s journey throughout the season and the downfall of those possessed with power. We see her playing around with Fitz-Simmons to make her point. The opening with just the sound of her blade hitting something while Fitz tries to focus has a unique way of putting yourself into his head. Even if they believe they cannot die, they do not want to put the people they love to be trapped in such a situation. It all started building up to Ruby finally getting the Gravitonium. She finally got what she wanted but 8% was enough for her to completely lose control and her mind. Strucker dies in the most horrific death of the show and Hale tries to save her daughter by talking her down. There are hints that Daisy believes she could join them but once Yo-Yo enters the scene. In a dark attempt to save the world, she ends up slicing Ruby’s throat with her own blade.

“All Roads Lead…” gives us an incredible performance from Adrian Pasdar. The actor has a fantastic way of showing the effects of being imprisoned by HYDRA. Even when he is complying, he still is barely hanging on to his former self. Seeing Coulson make use of the HYDRA programming to get Talbot to break away from the mind control was an interesting take that fits the character. Personally, I would have been annoyed if this was the end of Talbot as he really deserves a happy ending after the latest events. Luckily, Mack takes him out with a Night-Night Gun and save Robin. It was interesting that Hale was aware of her abilities and that she tried to get Talbot to abduct her.

Yo-Yo gets quite a lot of attention this season and she seems to be going down a dark path. Every time she uses her abilities the metal arms take their toll on her. She manages to survive the attack from one of the mechs and she defeated Ivanov in the last episode but it is obvious that she won’t be able to keep it up much longer. It all builds up to the moment where she decides to take action and slices right through Ruby’s neck. It is quite a brutal sequence especially after Daisy tried her best to save her. She utters the words that she saved the world but the after-credit sequence teases a coming invasion. It seems that her actions might have been another catalyst that will lead to the destruction of earth. Yo-Yo stated that them trying to save Coulson would be the reason the world is destroyed but at the moment their focus is only keeping him in check. Will be interesting to see how future Yo-Yo’s warning will come to pass.


4.5 head implosions out of 5. The last two episodes have really been leading to this. Talbot’s sub-plot seemed like a small distraction but it was still quite an emotional rollercoaster. Ruby’s story came to a conclusion that I did not expect. It seems that the Destroyer of World plotline is not quite done but for the last four episodes, the focus will shift to the small alien invasion. We are nearing the season end and it all is slowly coming together.


  • Thank god Robin’s mother wasn’t killed by Talbot. That guy has enough on his fractured mind, this would have pushed him even further.
  • While I wish they physically brought back Dr. Franklin Hall, it is an interesting idea to have Ruby become the MCU’s version of Gravitron (for a short time). The usage of quotes from Season 1 to show their thoughts taking over Ruby was a great touch.
  • Holy crap, Strucker’s death might be one of the most brutal we’ve seen on this show. Even he did not deserve to go like that. Especially when we had one season with Ghost Rider the way he died was just brutal.
  • “I know you’re my friend” is probably the best line that summarises how far Talbot and Coulson have come.
  • Robin’s lack of emotional connection to the events happening around her is still creepy but well-acted.
  • The subplot with Deke liking Daisy is kind of adorable and adds some needed humor. It is kind of funny that Daisy cannot stand him, so his chances seem quite slim.
  • Creel and Talbot have become some of the most important returning characters in the show. No matter what terrible fate befalls them the show makes sure to try and make up for it. Hopefully, we will finally get to see Creel join S.H.I.E.L.D. at some point, the man deserves it at this point.