Told from multiple perspectives and in a particularly revealing order, this structural chaos of this episode matched the chaos on screen. With most of the major players converging on a downtown hotel where Senator Ori plans to host an event, shit hits the fan in a major way as Lewis’ plan comes to a head.

The episode begins after Lewis made his assault on Senator Ori and the unique structure allows the viewer to come to understand the details of the assault, and Castle’s role in it, through the words of those involved. Brett Mahoney makes an appearance as the detective in charge of the case and it’s his discussions with the key players involved in the attack that drive the narrative. While we don’t get the information chronologically, we get an impressively complete view of what happened that day. Mahoney talks to: Russo, whose Anvil security team served as target practice for Lewis; Senator Ori, who spins a wonderful tale of how Frank and Lewis were working TOGETHER; Karen, who was there to interview Ori and quickly shoots down his version of the story; Dinah, who after learning that the men who killed her team were all linked to Russo, goes to question his involvement.

While Lewis’ plan is impressively precise and effective, it does more to the larger story by bringing Frank, Karen, Russo and Dinah all to the same place at the same time. Ultimately, this is where Frank becomes aware that he and Russo are together on a path that can only lead one way; this is where Russo, once so proud of what he built at Anvil, has nothing left to lose; this is where Dinah finally realizes who the bad guy is. It’s all very intense and the stairwell showdown is especially well done, but to some extent it kind of takes the piss out of Lewis a little bit.

And to that end, Lewis goes out with a bang, but in the grand scheme of things, he fell far short of his grand imaginings and, of course, put himself on the wrong side of the wrong man. While Frank is robbed of the pleasure of killing him, he is witness to Lewis’ very violent end. The episode wrapped up with Frank on the run once again, but now he’s got clarity and he knows who needs to die.


3.5 out of 5 Lewis’ explosions.

The episode’s chaotic structure was pretty cool. The big hallway shootout, the stairwell scene, Lewis’ showdown with Frank and his death are all high intensity moments. Ultimately though, it was a disappointing way to wrap up what was easily the series’ most interesting subplot. It does finally set up the Frank vs. Russo business we all knew we were getting and as a cog in the machine, it serves its purpose.


*The opening shot of Lewis with the birds really makes you wonder not only about his mental state, but also what his idea of freedom really is.

*It was great to see Mahoney and the back and forth between him and Karen was fun. He kinda didn’t matter at all to the big story, but it was cool to see him and be reminded how intricately connected the Netflix shows can be.

*Russo’s security teams sucks, yeah?

*The last shot of Frank ziplining to safety showed the look of a man who just got a new mission. Betrayal doesn’t sit well with Frank.

It’s been fun, y’all. I’m handing the reigns over to another member of the team to take you home, but thanks for reading along with my thoughts for the last 3 episodes!