The majority of this episode deals with the aftermath of the intense season opening.  We follow Frank and Rachel as they attempt to stay ahead of their pursuers and grapple with the fact that they’re now somewhat stuck together.  We also find out what’s been going on between Billy and Dinah who both seem to be going through some intense mental issues.  Even though we get to see more of Pilgrim in this episode, he still remains rather mysterious as he methodically tracks down Frank while mumbling Bible verses.

Throughout the episode Frank presses Rachel for answers which she’s very reluctant to give.  It’s understandable that she doesn’t trust him, he’s clearly a violent person and she has no reason to think that he’s just helping her out of the kindness of his heart.  As the audience, we know that Frank has good intentions, but her distrust does make sense considering the situation.  But Rachel knows that he’s done a lot to protect her which is why she’s willing to help sew his wound.

They also have some pretty interesting interactions in this episode.  She sees that Frank has an inner rage and notices that part of him is happy to be getting involved.  Frank doesn’t confirm her accusation, but he does seem to contemplate it.  However, I really hope we learn more about why she’s being pursued in the next episode.  Her cagy attitude and commitment to lying about her situation will get a bit annoying if it continues much longer.

Pilgrim’s hunt for Frank and Rachel leads him to Beth who’s recovering in the hospital.  She initially thinks Pilgrim is a cop, but that’s thrown aside when he begins threatening her friends and family.  In an impressive act of bravery she gives Pilgrim Frank’s alias and is left unharmed.  Hopefully that’s the last we see of Beth, not because she’s a bad character but because if we see her again, I don’t think it’s going to end very well.

Even though he was only given an alias, it’s enough for Pilgrim to track down Frank and Rachel and send his men to their motel room.  He clearly has a lot of reach.  The shootout sequence wasn’t as intense as the bar fight in the last episode, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It was also cool to see the return of Frank’s methodical planning with his demolition of the wall to surprise the attackers.  Hopefully we get to see more of that this season.

Having them all be arrested is an interesting turn of events.  It’s rather annoying to see Rachel throw Frank under the bus so hard, but she’s been trying to get away from him this whole time so it does make sense.  Frank being rejected so hard by Dinah hurt a little bit.  The two seemed to have some respect for each other by the end of the last season, but I understand her frustration with him.  He got himself into this mess and he should get himself out of it.  She’s really not in any position to go bailing Frank out of jail, although their paths will undoubtedly cross again in the coming episodes.  Especially since Dinah appears to be having trouble moving on from Billy’s betrayal.  She knows what he’s capable of and continues to taunt him.

Meanwhile, Billy appears to have forgotten everything that transpired last season after his traumatic confrontation with Frank.  However, his conversations with Dr. Dumont and Dinah’s suspicions make it unclear how much of his memory loss is an act.  It seems like he definitely does have some mental issues, he’s not the same calm and collected mercenary that he was last season and he certainly has a more unhinged personality now.  Last season Billy was a bit self-conscious and always presented himself well.  His reluctance to remove the mask shows that his physical wounds are contributing to his mental instability.  He turns away from Dr. Dumont when he takes the pills because he doesn’t want her to see his face.  This could develop into a very interesting character flaw further down the road.


4  Tylenol out of 5.  

Even though the action and character moments in this episode weren’t quite as intense as the opening, it was still very strong.  The relationship between Frank and Rachel adds new dynamic to the show and to Frank as a character.  We see him have to take care of somebody who’s in way over their head but is refusing his assistance.  It shows us that even though Frank genuinely wants to help, he’s also motived by his own violent and selfish urges.  A part of him enjoys the action.  And hopefully that’s something he’ll continue to grapple with going forward because it makes the character much more complex.


  • Not sure why, but I feel like Dr. Dumont might have ulterior motives.  Nothing to back that up, just a hunch.
  • Didn’t think I’d see so much of Frank this season, but I think we can all confirm that Jon Bernthal didn’t skip glute day.
  • Hopefully we find out how Billy’s mask got decorated.  Not sure which I want more, Dinah to have doodled on it while he was sleeping or Billy to have made it during an arts and crafts event at the hospital.
  • The sequence where Billy sees Franks skull armor intercut with his face being destroyed was really powerful and intense.  Once he remembers what happened, his wrath and anger is going to be terrifying.