After tracking everyone down to the police station Pilgrim initially asks nicely to be given the prisoners, but when Sheriff Hardin refuses things get pretty ugly.  Then after some convincing, Harden agrees to let Frank loose and take out the assailants.  The intense siege on the police station allowed for some interesting character moments for Frank and as well as the officers in between the attacks.

Initially, Sheriff Hardon doesn’t seem to be buying anybody’s story.  However, he does take notice when Frank warns him about the coming danger.  And Frank’s warning makes even more sense when Pilgrim threatens him after their failed attempt to get the prisoners.  Even though Sheriff Hardon made a few bad calls (like letting Ogden go to the car), he was still incredibly calm and collected during the shootout.  He knew that they had no other choice but to let Frank do his thing.  And once Frank was let loose, it’s almost like setting a supernatural monster to take out an army.  He methodically slaughters the gunmen one-by-one as he makes his way through the forest.

Beyond Sheriff Hardon, all of the officers in this episode were very well written and showed a variety of personalities.  They weren’t just stereotypes.  Deputy Murphy and Dobbs were very suspicious of Frank and weren’t too happy about letting him loose.  And it was only after Deputy Ogden’s reassurance that they decided not to turn Frank and Amy over to Pilgrim.  But through fighting together, they came to realize that Frank was an asset and didn’t mean them any harm.  I think the showrunners have made a conscious effort to show law enforcement as varied individuals and tackle some of the criticisms they faced from the first season.

Amy (formally Rachel) seems to be getting more comfortable with Frank.  Just before the chaos she offers to give him the key to get out of his restraints and by the end of the episode she willing agrees to go with him to New York.  But we also find out that the reason Frank didn’t let her go earlier was because he needed her as bait so that he could kill Pilgrim’s men and get revenge for what happened to Beth.  And although she’s surprised, Amy doesn’t seem to be very bothered by this.  Perhaps it’s because his actions now make sense to her.  She understands why Frank held her captive and accepts the part she played in his involvement.

The episode opens with a short vignette showing us a bit more about Pilgrim.  Although we don’t really learn much about what he’s after, it is a brief introduction to his twisted world.  His connection to the church benefactors is a bit unclear, but it’s possible they’re helping to pay his wife’s medical bills.  However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit to find out exactly what’s going on.  Especially since it seems like Billy and Dinah are going to be the focus in the next episode.

It’s still unclear whether or not Dinah is right about Billy’s motivations.  His explosion at Dr. Dumont seemed genuine and her assessment of his condition made a lot of sense.  However, Billy’s no stranger to extreme manipulation so it’s still possible that he’s trying to throw people off of what’s going on.  It’s also odd that Dr. Dumont is so willing to let a violent patient run free.  No matter how much she may care about his well-being, it’s an incredibly irresponsible thing for her to do.  And his escape from the hospital was also a little strange.  First off, it’s a bit weird that he was only being guarded by two cops considering how dangerous he is.  I also find it hard to believe that a man wearing such a terrifying mask would be able to walk out of a hospital on lockdown without anybody taking notice.

With Frank, Amy, and Dinah headed to New York at the end of the episode, it’s likely we’ll start following what’s going on with Billy a bit more closely.  For me, Pilgrim and the mystery surrounding why he’s been hunting Amy, has been the most interesting so I’m going into the next episode a bit nervous that we might be taking a less interesting detour.  However, Billy’s story does have potential.  Whether or not he’s been faking his mental issues is very compelling and we’ll probably learn more about it soon since Dinah stole his dream journal.


5  Coca-Colas out of 5.  

The shootout at the police department was very well shot and had a lot of great twists and turns.  It also didn’t overshadow the quieter moments between Frank, Amy, and the other officers.  We got to know all the characters so when they were in danger it felt like there were real stakes.  Josh Stewart manages to play a religious zealot with an air of silent and creepy confidence and is a very welcome addition to the cast.  Billy’s storyline so far hasn’t been as enjoyable as the other storyline, but now that Frank is getting involved hopefully things will start to pick up.  Let’s just hope that the season doesn’t begin to meander (as a lot of the Marvel Netflix shows do at around this time) and maintains the quality we’ve seen so far.


  • The scene where Frank takes out the guys in the woods was amazing, but it made me sad that we’ll probably never get a showdown between him and Poindexter from Daredevil.  Such a shame.
  • It definitely seemed like Marlena was being set up as a powerful and cunning opponent to Frank.  But it looks like Pilgrim had different thoughts.  It’s very telling that he’s willing to go through all this trouble to get her back only so he can kill her.
  • Glad we get to see Sgt. Mahoney again, hopefully he’ll be a reoccurring character going forward.
  • The shot where Pilgrim leaves the station and signals to cut the power was really cool and terrifying.  It just makes me want to know more about him and his organization.