As expected, this episode has a strong focus on Billy and his declining mental state.  Meanwhile Frank and Dinah try to figure out what they’re going to do about his escape.  Amy and Frank also come to an understanding and by the end of the episode they come clean about what they’re running from.

Billy definitely seems to have a screw loose.  He may be playing things up a bit for Dr. Dumont, but he was acting pretty crazy when confronting his foster father.  It takes a minute for Arthur to recognize him, but once he does he goes from a scared guy expecting to be robbed to an angry and bitter old man.  Even though Billy is an extraordinarily dangerous person, during parts of the scene he seemed very weak and unsure of himself.  Ben Barnes did a phenomenal job of showing that even after all these years, the scars left by those who hurt him when he was young still hurt.

We also lean that Billy was directed by Dr. Dumont to decorate the mask himself and that it’s a reflection of how he feels.  His shattered face is the embodiment of his shattered mind.  He also seems be aware that’s he’s done terrible things.  But how he feels about that and the clarity of those memories remains to be seen however.  By the end of the episode he asks Dr. Dumont if it’s possible for him to find redemption and be the best person he can be.  Although I worry that that “help” Dr. Dumont will provide may only make things worse.  She’s either ill-equipped to deal with him or delusional because she should never have let things escalate this far.

After Frank tells Dinah about Billy’s foster father she to his house and finds him murdered.  Sgt. Mahoney then confronts her for obstructing his case, but Dinah doesn’t let that stand.  She pulls rank and insults Mahoney’s position.  This seems to be partly out of self-preservation, if Mahoney tells Rafi (her superior) about her actions she’d be in some serious trouble.  But I think she’s also acting aggressively toward Mahoney because she wants to find Russo herself.  She wants to make things right by making sure Billy is gone for good.

Dinah and Frank even discuss that they both had the opportunity to kill Billy and decided against it.  Dinah says that the reason she’s been visiting him in the hospital is so that she can get closure.  Then she accuses Frank that that’s the reason he didn’t kill Billy in the first place, so he can get closure on what happened.  But Frank quickly refutes that saying, “Killing him would have been too easy.”  It seems that Frank wanted Billy to suffer for what he’d done rather than die quickly.

Even though Amy runs away from Frank, it’s only so that she can figure out who he really is.  And once she does it seems like something clicks for her.  She understands why he helped her and that he’s actually been in a similar situation where everyone he cared about was killed.  We find out that she and her friends were hired to take some secret photos, but before they complete their job all of her friends were slaughtered.  But although we understand more about Amy, I think there’s still something she’s hiding.  Her preference for sleeping on the floor and terror at being locked in her room could indicate some sort of abuse in her past.  Perhaps that’s what pushed her into becoming a petty criminal.


4 Irish coffee’s out of 5.  

The focus of this episode leaned much more into everything going on with Billy than Pilgrim’s hunt for Amy.  This definitely hurt the forward momentum that the season has been building since the A and B storylines have switched.  Luckily, Billy’s struggle to understand what’s going on has been pretty well executed so far.  There’s a bit of mystery surrounding how damaged his memory is, his growing relationship with Dr. Dumont is far from normal, and Dinah’s blind focus on him further develops her character.  It’s just a shame that these two compelling narratives aren’t woven together in a more satisfying way.  But regardless, it’s still been an incredibly strong season so far.


  • Am I the only one who thinks Billy’s mask is more creepy before he draws on it?
  • We haven’t seen Beth for a bit so hopefully that means she and Rex are safe.
  • Amy and Frank could be really good for each other.  It might help Frank to have someone he can look out for and care about who isn’t afraid to call him out when he’s being unreasonable.  And for Amy, she’s a bit of a lost soul and could use some guidance from somebody with experience in making bad decisions for the right reasons.  Frank could help her lead a better life than he did and redeem them both in the process.
  • Even if the scars on Billy’s face are accurately located to the injuries from last season, it’s a real shame that they’re not more grotesque.  Having more brutal scars would make his insecurities much more believable.  Right now it just makes him look like a badass.