The episode picks right up after Billy realizes that the man who destroyed his face was actually Frank. His entire broken world just continues to completely fall apart. In my last review, I do point out that Billy’s own experience is kind of portrayed by just suddenly interrupting the action sequence. The sudden start into this one also connects with how all the rage just collects as a man he believed to be his friend starts shooting at him. This is an incredibly well-done sequence that is just heightened by Ben Barnes and Jon Bernthal‘s performance. We once again get a short moment of Frank not taking his chance to shoot Billy. Yes, he was being shot at by the other guys but he was just standing around in shock. This is the first time they confront each other and as such, this is the first time that Frank realizes that Billy actually has no recollection of what exactly he has done in the past. It was kind of heartbreaking as the already unstable man was losing his only positive memory.

It naturally escalates the entire event as their shootout in the middle of the city gets the attention of the cops. We get the return of Mahoney who has the unlucky duty of hunting down Frank. This leads to a great confrontation where we actually see Curtis jump in and risk his exposure to the police. After escaping, we get a great sequence of Frank confessing to Curtis that he hesitated once again. Even after he did such terrible things, the man he was about to shoot was the guy he believed to be his friend and even a family member. It wasn’t the maniac whose face he shoved into a mirror but the man he almost forgot existed.

This episode focuses a lot on Frank’s own personal demons after the las highlighted Madani’s. Amy returns this episode. She is bored and tries to prove herself to Frank that goes completely wrong. After trying to disarm him, he almost shot her out of reflex. Out of sheer anger, he tries to prove how dangerous that was, even going as far as to shoot next to her to make a point. This man was on the edge that almost hurting the person he actually cared about just pushed him beyond the breaking point. It was very heavy to see it happen on the screen but it was completely in character. This all leads to Frank taking his frustration out on one of the veterans that almost committed the bank heist with Billy. His memory may be intact but he is just as broken as his former friend is. He may be pushing people away that he holds dear and it could break him even more.

Billy once again seeks refuge at his psychiatrist Krista after killing a few of the guys from his team that started mocking him. There we get more of his unhinged personality as he tries to piece the puzzle together. He had no idea why Frank did this to him. It is a rather strange intensity that he could potentially kill her at any minute, especially after he believed that she was keeping that revelation from him. While her role in this series is rather minor, it does help anchor his psychosis and give us someone who acts as a calm contrast to his behavior. I realized that I barely mentioned her character up to this point. She is an integral part of the story and there are a lot of teases of her own insanity. It feels like everything is going to build up to her being the final piece that may truly break Jigsaw completely.


3.5 mind games out of 5.  

The episode starts off incredibly strong with an action sequence that helps push Billy’s insanity even more. We get some really heavy character development for Frank, as he has to face his own demons throughout the episode. The show holds no punches when it comes to Frank’s insanity and is highlighting the similarities that he has with Billy. There are a lot of great character moments throughout this episode and it feels like we are entering the final stretch on Billy’s storyline. It will be interesting to see how Pilgrim will play into it all.


  • The song choice to highlight that Amy was tired of doing nothing was really on the nose.
  • It is just great to see Frank back in his vest. Hopefully, this is the turning point that he truly decides to accept his role as the Punisher from now on.
  • Poor Amy, she finally was able to get over the events from the last few episodes and this had to happen.