UPDATE: Variety has confirmed Grant’s inclusion in the series and says he will only appear for one episode.

Hot off the heels of the reveal that the upcoming Disney Plus series Loki will be launching on the streaming service in early 2021, an exciting piece of news has dropped, in the form of some new casting. According to Discussing Film, Richard E. Grant – last seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – has joined the cast of Loki. While the site doesn’t know who he’s been cast as, we do know he won’t be appearing in every episode. It also appears that Grant hasn’t yet started filming, given his costume fitting – assuming this is for Lokionly took place last week.

As for who Grant is playing, that’s anyone’s guess – I’d say he’s probably a villain, but who exactly is a big question mark. He could be a member of the TVA, he could be Kang – he could even be an older, alternate-universe King Loki, who one (since deleted) ‘leak’ said would appear. That one’s probably a little out there, but who knows!

Whoever Grant ends up being, with any luck we may see him on set as filming continues in Atlanta. Disney’s previously cancelled Disney Plus launch should still be coming online at some point, so with any luck we’ll learn more about Loki – and whoever Grant may be playing – whenever that happens.

Source: Discussing Film