In case you missed it, we at MCUExchange have decided to include Sony’s own burgeoning Marvel cinematic universe following Amy Pascal‘s recent comments about it being in the “same reality” as the MCU and Kevin Feige‘s response to it – “The perfect answer” – in our area of coverage. So don’t be shocked if you continuously see Silver & Black and Venom content here.

As Sony scrambles to reap anything from the failures of their intended tentpoles The Emoji Movie and The Dark Tower, work on their own Marvel universe continues to push through. Sometime last night, some huge casting news regarding the Venom movie broke courtesy of Variety, saying that Bodhi Rook himself from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Riz Ahmed, is in early talks to join Tom Hardy in the Spider-Man-less film. Details are unclear on which character Ahmed is in talks for other than it will be a “popular Marvel comics character.” Other actors up for the same role are said to be Pedro Pascal, Matt Smith, and Mathias Schoenarts.

Not much is known about who the film is included except for the confirmation of one famous Spidey big bad. Several weeks ago, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Carnage would be the film’s primary antagonist. And last we heard, Sony was on the look for Damien Lewis-type actors for the role. While Ahmed is a far cry from Damien Lewis and the Kletus Kasady we’ve come to know in the comics, him possibly being cast as Carnage is the kind of thespian-prestige the Venom film could use (as if Hardy weren’t enough). Same goes for the other actors vying for the role (Pedro Pascal or Matt Smith would be good scores for Sony too). It’s unexpected and brilliantly subversive and is something we’d definitely be up to; the kind of casting that’ll steer the conversation towards a film facing an uphill battle with hesitant fans.

If you’re looking for some Carnage material to prep yourself in time for Venom, Maximum Carnage is the best place to start. It features 90’s comic book excess that pretty much defined the genre and is a great read to get acquainted with Spider-Man’s most violent foe.

What do you think of the idea of Riz Ahmed possibly playing Carnage? Does it excite you in the way it excites us? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Variety

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