Fans often debate on which character deserves the coup de grace in the fight against Thanos. Drax and Nebula get often thrown into the mix. Iron Man and Cap too. But let’s be real, none of those goobers deserves to end the fight with Thanos. The one who deserves to be the centerpiece of Avengers: Infinity War or the entire MCU for that matter, is Turk Barrett. Ain’t no door and Mad Titan around yet that could hold him back. Even a man like Frank Castle can’t do anything to harm Turk as evidenced by this photo confirming his appearance in November’s The Punisher, courtesy of SFX magazine.

In all seriousness, we absolutely love Rob Morgan as Turk Barrett. He’s been a fun consistent thread throughout the Netflix shows and the more shows he appears in, the happier we are. We do worry about Turk’s fate at the hands of Frank Castle. Sure, Turk has been able to get through beatings from Daredevil and Luke Cage but those dudes don’t have any intention of truly harming him. Frank just might pull that trigger if Turk gets sassy with him. We hope he makes it through the show in time to deliver his killing blow to Thanos.

I cannot wait to add Punisher footage to this video I did.

Source: SFX Magazine via Tumblr

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