There has been a slew of information for Captain America: Civil War over the past 24 hours. We’ve gotten Team Cap and Team Iron Man posters and a ton of new information you can find here. Even though the movie will focus plenty on Steve Rogers, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will also have a big role.

When Marvel allowed outlets to visit the set, they were able to interview the cast and crew for the movie. Today, more have been released with Downey’s interview highlighting where Tony is when we meet him again. ScreenRant was one of the many sites that were in attendance and shared the full interview.

The movie will certainly have a fair share of conflict as the two sides fight for what they believe in. Downey insures us that the conflict will not just be presenting their views but there will be plenty of action.

Well, again, I wanna credit the Russos, who I just really adore these guys. It’s all talk until you start shooting, but I read their take on what the story was gonna be and I was like, “Wow!”

Ultimately what we didn’t want was a story that’s just a bunch of ideologue nonsense going back and forth because it’s like, “Why are you guys talking? We like it when you’re doing witty stuff or when you’re in a weird position or when you’re really hurting or when you’re fighting,” so I, just as a fan of these movies, I wouldn’t want to see anything irreparable happen, but I also like it when seemingly irreparable things occur and men and women find a way to move past it.

This conflict will cause some characters to think with their hearts instead of their minds. For Vision, it’s all about what is most logical, something he shares with his surrogate “father.” The creation of Vision is certainly not what Tony envisioned when he created JARVIS.

If you look at what happened in Ultron, it was an immaculate conception. Tony was not setting out to have a baby with JARVIS. It just kind of happened anyway.

Stark has gone through a remarkable transformation in the past 8 years. These changes are not for the convenience of the story but because this is how Tony should be progressing and Downey likes that about him.

I thinks it’s just a function of age, I don’t know. I mean, I know some reckless 60-year-olds and some very practical 30-year-olds, but generally speaking to me it seemed like the most viable arc. But also I didn’t wanna be like, “Alright, what’s good for the story?” Tony’s all of a sudden like, “You know what? These Accords mean the world to me,” because that’s usually what people do when they get on something, and I don’t wanna say I despise politics, but I don’t think there’s any way to win–particularly for the kind of person that I am–a political argument. And what did Emerson say, “Tell me someone’s political leanings and I’ll tell you everything else about him?” And I like to be a little more difficult to nail down that that just inside myself, but when someone’s motivations, even if they wind up falling in one side or the other of the debate, when they’re personal and also when they’re masked by something that only the audience knows is really their motivation, that to me is just what I call entertainment. So I like that sort of stuff.

Throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron and even earlier on, we can see little seeds of the tension brewing between Cap and Stark. Even if these seeds may be obvious to us in the theater, they are not so clear cut when filming.

You know, it’s funny, I never know when the seeds are being laid, I’m just like, “Wow, that’s a pretty cool scene. Is that? Are we laying seeds here?” [laughs] And the other thing is I think it’s hard to know, you plant seeds and then the ones that flower –I remember when people said, “Man, that’s a powerful scene in the movie!” and I was like, “We just shot this thing before lunch, I don’t know, he tears a log apart, I said some words,” but I was really thinking, “Do I have to go in there to fix the John Deere? Oh, no, no, that’s because…Alright I get it,” so I’m just trying to keep up with everything too.

The argument could be made that Iron Man is the villain in the movie since it is Cap’s movie. Should the Russo’s do their job correctly, the audience will not always see it like that. As for Downey, he does not see it that way either.

It’s difficult for me to think of Tony in those terms, but when you read the comic it’s like, “Man, Tony, you’re blowing it dude!” [laughs] But again, it’s very odd, all these different worlds really kind of tip their hat to each other but they don’t require one or the other to be literal about it.

There have been reports of Pepper Potts returning in Civil War, but also rumors that she has been cut so her presence in the film is unknown at the moment. However, she has been away from the screen for a while and at the time of the interview Downey hoped that she has a presence in the movie.

Well she damn well better be!

All I do is fight for Pepper, and I lean on those relationships. That’s my go-to thing, that and Don Cheadle and War Machine and Rhodey. Because to me there’s been two hearts that have gone through it, and then a little mini heart who was JARVIS and whatever he’s up to now, he’s A.I. basically. And then I have those two little robots Dummy and U and nobody wants to talk about them anymore, “But I pulled them out of the ocean! Where are they?” “Relax about your robots!”

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: ScreenRant.