Unsurprisingly absent from last November’s The Punisher was everyone’s favorite neighborhood nurse Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson. It’s understandable given how the two have never crossed paths despite the overlap in their personal worlds. Unsurprisingly, a new rumor is saying that Rosario Dawson will be making up for that absence by appearing in two upcoming Marvel Netflix shows, one being Daredevil. Surprisingly, the other one is Iron Fist.


Surprising because her Iron Fist appearance is probably the character’s worst. Don’t get me wrong. I love Claire. From when she pulls Daredevil out of the dumpster to becoming a major player in her home borough of Harlem, Claire steals the entire show. But when she goes to China to ham-fistedly fight ninjas out of nowhere, her being the “connective tissue” of the heroes started to feel forced. I hope the circumstances of her being involved in whatever Iron Fist Season 2 has in store isn’t ridiculous.

Source: Twitter