When the Netflix corner of the MCU started, there was a question on who would be the connecting thread between four different series that would lead to the formation of The Defenders. After the breakout success of Daredevil, some thought that Murdock being a lawyer for each hero could make sense, or even Foggy if Charlie Cox was too busy. It has turned out that the character that currently holds the Netflix universe together is none other than Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson).

Dawson first debuted in season 1 of Daredevil but has since popped up in an episode of Jessica Jones, back into season 2 of Daredevil, and is set up to have a much bigger role for Luke Cage later this year. With Iron Fist gearing up for a debut next year, there was no word on whether Dawson would continue to pop up in each season, until now. During the Luke Cage panel currently happening at San Diego Comic-Con, Vice President and Executive Editor at Marvel Ryan Penagos seems to confirm just that.

This is extremely exciting as Claire Temple has proven to be a fantastic character in every appearance, so much so that I’m still waiting for her own spin-off show. Now the only question remains is if she will appear in The Defenders, and after she quit working at the hospital, fixing up the heroes of New York would seem like a pretty great (but probably underpaid) gig. Let us know how excited you are for Claire Temple’s return in the comments below!

Iron Fist is currently filming and will debut on Netflix next year.

Source: Twitter.