Although her character only appeared in a handful of episodes during Daredevil‘s fist season, Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple quickly became a fan-favorite. So when it was announced shortly after Daredevil was renewed for a second season that Dawson would not only return for that show, but also the rest of the Netflix shows leading up to The Defenders, many fans were thrilled. It has already been confirmed that Dawson will appear in Jessica Jones, which will hit the streaming service in just two weeks, and now, thanks to a new interview with MTV, we know that Dawson has already started filming on the third series, Luke Cage.

As with any other Marvel project, while Dawson couldn’t reveal too much to MTV during their interview with her, she did reveal one interesting fact that fans should get excited about – we’re about to learn more about Claire Temple as she’s getting a relative on one of the shows! Unfortunately, we don’t know who is portraying this relative, or what relative this will even be, but it’s still exciting to see them building the character over the course of these shows.

“I was on ’Daredevil’ and ’Luke Cage’ going back and forth, and they cast someone who was supposed to be a family member to me and I was very excited about, I have to say,” she said. “When they announce her, I’m sure everybody will be very excited for me as well.”

Another small tidbit Dawson revealed during her interview? For fans looking forward to seeing Claire Temple on Jessica Jones, don’t expect her to show up until later in the series – something that Dawson herself wasn’t even aware of until recently.

“I only ever get the episode that I’m in pretty much, so I don’t know where it’s going,” she said, surprised herself to learn that (mild spoiler alert!) she doesn’t actually appear in the first half of “Jessica Jones.” ” And I think that’s how they do it, they really parse out the information. Like there’s no one person that can take down Marvel, cause there’s no one person knows about it. And they’re keeping me quiet.”

While it could be frustrating, moving between shows, especially not knowing when the next one is going into production, Dawson doesn’t seem to mind too much. For her, Dawson says that it helps to keep an “electric feeling” among the cast members.

“It keeps an electric feeling kind of going through because it’s not the same experience that we all just have normally on a film or something like that,” she said. “The secrecy and privacy makes us feel like we’re all a part of something and we have to protect it and do our best with it before we go and present it.”

Jessica Jones will hit Netflix on November 20th, while the second season of Daredevil and the first season of Luke Cage are set to hit the streaming service sometime in 2016. You can also catch a glimpse of Dawson’s character in the season two teaser trailer for Daredevil by heading over here!

Source: MTV.