Super-duper-Latino scooper El Mayimbe is on the trail of the latest Peter Parker rumor which involves has 21-year old British actor Sam Strike. Hit the jump for details.

11:20 UPDATE:

According to El Mayimbe, Strike has likely landed a role in either X-Men: Apocalypse or Deadpool and is not likely to be announced as Peter Parker.

The role of Peter Parker has been the center of a lot of rumors over the past couple of weeks and will continue to be front and center until either Marvel Studios makes an announcement or the scoop is broken by one of the trades. If El Mayimbe is right, those things may be happening very soon and that young actor Sam Strike (EastEnders) MAY be the guy.
The trail of breadcrumbs started when Strike’s manager, Lee Morgan, tweeted the following almost a week ago:

That same day, actress Dani Dyer, who is also represented by Lee Morgan, tagged Strike in the congratulatory tweet:

Two days later, on March 5th, Strike chose to tag Robert Downey Jr. in this Throwback Thursday tweet:

And the following day, Strike took to Twitter after beginning a workout regimen for his “cheeky” new role:

At this point, that’s not a whole lot to go on, but Lee Morgan did take tweet early this morning that his client did indeed land a big role in a U.S. film and that info would be forthcoming shortly:

All that was enough to get El Mayimbe on the prowl, so if there is any smoke to this fire, I’d bet we hear within the next 24 hours. With filming for Captain America: Civil War set to begin in less than one month, it’s certainly the right timing for an actor to fill the role of Peter Parker, who is expected to appear in the film.