The future of Ant-Man in the MCU seemed uncertain for the longest time until this week when our good friend Charles Murphy dropped a bombshell of a report: a third Ant-Man was on its way but that production wouldn’t begin until 2021. In our latest podcast episode of Murphy’s Law, Charles shared more information on what he had heard regarding Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne’s third MCU outing. According to Charles’ source, the film may be a vehicle to introduce the next generation of Avengers aka the Young Avengers.

Even though Charles is the first admit that this is just a rumor he heard and not a concrete scoop, it does make a lot of sense for the third Ant-Man film to introduce the next generation of heroes. As I and Charles discuss in the episode, the franchise is very family-centric and was the first to deal with legacy heroes and passing-the-mantle. Heck, a key member of the Young Avengers is Scott’s daughter. Hank Pym was directly involved with the Avengers Academy in the comics. And with the impending introduction of Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye show, the Speed/Wiccan rumor for Wandavision and Kamala Khan’s solo show, Marvel would be remiss to not bring this team to life soon.

Source: Murphy’s Law Podcast