With a looming production date of April 18th, it’s a bit surprising that we currently only have two confirmed castings for the upcoming Iron Fist series: Finn Jones (Danny Rand/Iron Fist) and Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing). However, if my latest findings online are anything to go by, that may soon be changing. As you’ll remember, when we confirmed that Colleen Wing would be cast in the series, we also confirmed that Joy Meachum (who has already been teased by Marvel in a promo image), Ward Meachum, and Davos would be joining the series. While it’s hard to guess which casting Marvel will announce next, judging by what I found online, I’d wager Davos is a safe bet.

While searching through Instagram under the Iron Fist tag, I stumbled upon a post that seemed to hint at the casting of the character. The actor? Arleo Dordar.

Here’s the casting call for Davos for those that need a refresher:

Character Name: DEVON

25 – 30 yrs old, male, please submit Asian, East Indian, Pacific Islander, etc., handsome, effortlessly-powerful, an intelligent, thoughtful warrior.


(Again, Devon serves as a placeholder here. It is not the character’s actual name.)

As you can see from above, the actor definitely fits the description provided in the casting call. And thanks to his Facebook, we know that he also practices kickboxing. (Note: We’ve seen all the character breakdowns for series regulars on Iron Fist, so IF he’s actually a series regular as he’s saying, then he has to be Davos.) What’s even more interesting is that, like Jones and Henwick, Dordar seems like a relative newcomer in Hollywood. (Yes, even with Game of Thrones, and in Henwick’s case Star Wars, on their resumes, they’re still newcomers.) Dordar’s most notable role is one on the recent Minority Report television series. The reason behind this, I’d imagine, is that they’re casting relative unknowns in order to give the visual effects budget a boost – after all, unlike the other three shows, Iron Fist is going to need a healthy VFX budget.

And since we included bits of dialogue from the original Davos audition tapes that surfaced, here’s some of the dialogue from the latest audition videos to make their way online:

Davos: I should be so lucky to be like you, and not a precious snowflake like you who goes wherever the wind may take him. An honorable man who sees his goal and does everything he can to cheat that goal no matter the cost.

Danny: When you have one eye on the goal, and one on the power.

Davos: Don’t give me that second bullshit, you were given this gift.

Danny: I wasn’t given anything, what I have, I fought for, I earned it.

Davos: Yeah, right, earned it, you earned it, when things got what, confusing, hard? You took what wasn’t yours, what was rightfully mine, and ran away. Who does that? Why?

Davos: That’s why you don’t deserve anything, you have no honor, no sense of place in the world. In heart of hearts, you know what you are? A thief, a coward, if you have any honor at all, you’ll return what never should have been yours.

Along with Dordar, I stumbled upon an interesting entry on the show’s IMDB page. Actor Murray Bartlett was listed as playing a character named Michael. Now, this is interesting because there actually was a casting call for a character named Michael Reynolds. (This is one we haven’t previously released.)

[MICHAEL REYNOLDS]mid-late 30s, therapist. Open ethnicity. Inquisitive and Authentic.

Now, typically you’ll see a placeholder name on these casting calls. For example, Danny was listed as Dylan, and Colleen was listed as Christina. So normally while I’d say this is a placeholder name, with a smaller role such as this, there’s also a chance the placeholder name doesn’t apply here, meaning Michael is actually the character’s name. Which, of course, falls in line with the character description we’ve been provided. And going off of that? Bartlett makes sense for a character like Michael Reynolds.

As of right now, we haven’t been able to confirm either of these castings, so we’re reporting them as rumors. However, we should expect some official casting announcements from Marvel in the coming weeks. As always, be sure to follow along here for all things Iron Fist.

Sources: Instagram and IMDB.