If you’re like me and wasn’t satisfied with the awesome 30-second Avengers: Infinity War TV spot earlier this month and want moar footage as soon as possible then you might be in luck. Because Sebastian Stan. Karen Gillan, and Paul Bettany are all slated to guest in Good Morning America next Tuesday, February 27th. This interesting guest spot has led fans to believe that these actors may debut a new Avengers: Infinity War trailer right then and there.

It’s been almost 3 months since the first trailer was released back in November. We’re also 3 months away from the film. Going by how MCU trailers are generally released, I’d say that it’s well within the period second trailers are released. Heck, if this GMA guesting by the Avengers: Infinity War stars wasn’t a thing, I’d still say that the trailer would still drop in the days after the 27th. All in all, it’s about time we get a new trailer to hype the F out of us.

Source: Twitter