For the longest time, the Black Widow standalone has been speculated to be a prequel, which we now know to be the case following Natasha’s demise in Avengers: Endgame leaving the question of when in the past they’re setting it. We’ve had rumors of it being set in the early 2000s as well as plot points surrounding the late 90’s Y2K hysteria. But if this recent rumor from an alleged Sebastian Stan convention interview in Italy is to be believed, the film may be set in more recent times than expected.

Until we read an actual quote or listen to an excerpt from his appearance, we’re taking this thing with a huge grain of salt. But for this article’s sake, let’s assume its real. Having it set in a time period where the Sokovia Accords are in place could lead to some interesting ideas. For one, they haven’t shown much of the Accords ramifications following Captain America: Civil War‘s aftermath save for Scott Lang playing the drums at home. There’s a ton of great story to mine with such a massive status quo shift. That it may be set in a time where Cap’s Secret Avengers is an active group won’t necessarily preclude appearances from team members.

Source: Tumblr