The most recent trailer for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, the final trailer before the film’s release, finally gave us some more in-depth looks at the film’s main antagonist, the Taskmaster. There is still no update on who is behind the mask and shield yet, although we do have a new interesting theory to wrap our minds around that could lead to exciting potential outcomes for the plot of this movie. According to our friend, Charles Murphy, he’s heard that the film may feature not one, but two Taskmasters.

The way his theory goes is that the main Taskmaster who everyone believes is being played O.T. Fagbenle has a kid in the Black Widow program. Charles revealed some time last year that the film’s script which would introduce a young 16-year-old character named Anya. The production found one Liani Samuels to play the role and is thought to be seen for a second in the Red Room during the latest trailer. The trailer also revealed that the Taskmaster was in charge of this new Red Room, a Headmaster of sorts, training an entirely new kind of Widow who have absolutely no control over their own actions. So if the MCU sticks to the classic of killing its villain, Charles thinks this could make way for Anya to take over the mantle of her father, which would align with the stuff he heard.

Overall, this possibility bodes for an interesting viewing experience for Black Widow.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse