Over the past months it’s become clear that Marvel and Hulu are making an aggressive push to bring a number of Marvel’s more horror and supernatural-based characters into the MCU, following the announcement that both Ghost Rider and Helstrom TV shows are in development for the streaming service. Now, a new rumor suggests that another big character from the supernatural corner of the Marvel universe will be making his way to the platform – Blade.

According to a report from MCU Cosmic, Blade is set to make his long-awaited MCU debut on Hulu. While the site doesn’t specify how exactly the character will be introduced, its probably a safe bet to say it would either be in his own solo series, or perhaps more likely in a guest appearance on one of the platform’s other Marvel shows. This comes not long after recent rumors of Hulu currently developing both Glyph and Spirits of Vengeance TV shows, and yesterday’s news that Morgana le Fay will be appearing in the third season of Runaways.

Rumors about Blade making his way into the MCU have been circling since as early as 2015, when a report surfaced that Marvel Studios was planning a film about Blade‘s daughter, Fallon Gray, from a since-scrapped comic series. Kevin Feige later spoke about the character in 2016, suggesting the studio was interested in adapting the vampire hunter, but had no immediate plans at the time. Given the radio silence since, it’s probably safe to say that the character’s big screen chances are no more.

As always, it’s important to remember this is for now just a rumor, and as such should be taken with a big pinch of salt. However, with Hulu’s seemingly big interest in Marvel’s supernatural world, Blade making his MCU debut on the service does feel like a very real possibility.

Source: MCU Cosmic