Following yesterday’s pictures of Matt Murdock in the simple but superior black costume from Season 1, we’ve uncovered a bunch of leaks surrounding the plot and baddies of Daredevil Season 3 from Reddit spanning the past few days. Stuff that went under the radar that we’re just now seeing. According to this mysterious soothsayer named /u/defenders_throwaway, the third season of ‘Ol Hornhead will indeed feature his other archnemesis, Bullseye, a character fans have been anticipating in the show since the first season. The anonymous user then goes on to hint at Bullseye’s presence in the season, teasing a Bullseye-centric episode and how Fisk gets in touch with him.

currently working on the first episodes of DD3. It starts really slow and introduces too many new characters. the plot could go either way, hard to say at this point. But they do a whole episode about Bullseye’s background and I think its cinematically the best episode out of all of Marvel shows so far. Kingpin gets all the files and tapes about Bullseye and he “walks” through bullseyes memories to look at his life. it is fantastic

He/she also goes on to reveal that the show will stray away from both Daredevil’s and Bullseye’s comic costumes, which might explain why Matt was in the black suit in yesterday’s photos. The user then goes to tease the character of Bullseye and how faithful the threat he poses is to the comics.

DD3 is a bit slow and convoluted. It really picks up the pace in the middle and I think the end of the season might turn out great. Bullseye is legit scary. Nobody wears their costume from the comics. DD is more of the same, but again, anything involving Bullseye is a standout. They really nail the fact that he’s deadly from afar.

So what gives? Should we even buy these rumors from a user who can’t seem to form sentences properly? Normally, we take rumors from Reddit with massive grains of salt regardless of how enticing they sound. But for this one, we’re making an exception. I have personally gone through previous leaks by the user spanning the last year in the months leading up to The Defenders and have discovered how scarily accurate his/her leaks are, so much so that we’re starting to believe that this is an actual member of the production.

On April 21 of last year,several months before The Punisher and The Defenders aired, the user dropped several spoilery details surrounding the two shows. Stuff like “not a real punisher story, no vigilante-style justice except for the first episode, the whole show is more like a season of Homeland,” and “Misty loses an arm to save colleen,” were revealed even before screeners were sent out to press. All turned out to be absolutely true. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The user has gone on to reveal stuff like the Jessica Jones Season 2 twist before the show’s premiere as well.

Jeph Loeb might as well be behind that account. At this point, we’re labeling this story as a rumor just for posterity’s sake. I personally buy all that info based on the insane track record alone but I’ll leave it up to you guys to discern its validity.

Source: Reddit