Marvel disappointed some fans this summer by making the decision to skip San Diego Comic-Con but the truth is that they had nothing to show or announce at that point. The other side of the story was after Marvel Studios unveiled the entire lineup for Phase 3 at a fan sanctioned event late last year, Marvel doesn’t need Comic-Con to make headlines.

Disney holds their own expo every year, D23, which just so happens to be this weekend. Marvel Studios has already been confirmed to have a presence at the show with rumors of our first footage of Captain America: Civil War, concept art of Doctor Strange, and even the new Spider-Man suit if we are lucky. There have been plenty of fan made trailers claiming to be real and leaked footage of what Disney and Marvel will show off but all have been debunked at this point.

Now thanks to a new post on Reddit, we have someone claiming to have seen the footage and they were kind enough to give a description. Since this is a Reddit post, this is merely just a rumor right now but does lay some interesting groundwork for Captain America: Civil War if it is true. We will find out Saturday when the footage is either leaked or (fingers crossed) officially released by Marvel, but until then, check out the description.

NOTE: I have added punctuation throughout the original report to help with formatting.

The footage begins with General Thunderbolt Ross taking about registration act. It then cuts to a military team repelling down a building. We see a snowy forest. We see someone’s arm being injected. Close ups of Black Widow, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. War Machine Fighting Wanda. General Ross says “You either sign yourself over or this is your last stand!” We hear Captain America “We won’t stand for this!” Then Iron Man says “Then let’s fight! We see a skyscraper explode. Captain America and Iron Man fight in a baseball field. We see Bucky hanging onto a helicopter. Black Widow and Falcon fighting. We see Black Panther fight Captain America. Close up of Crossbones. We see a closeup of someone’s legs walking (Baron Zemo) “You think your world can survive?” Says Zemo “Let’s Find Out” says Spider-Man. We see a close up of Spider-Man fighting Baron Zemo (FAST FIGHTING MONTAGE) Vision destroys a helicopter. Hawkeye zip lining between buildings. Ant-Man punches Vision. We see Crossbones and Captain America fight. “Everything you fought for will come crumbling down” says General Ross. We see Martin Freemans characters driving a car. Iron Man shoots Captain America. We see Spider-Man swinging through buildings (it’s ever so brief but it looks like the suit will In fact be blue and red not black). Iron Man Punches Captain America Shield. Cuts to the logo Captain America: Civil War.

EDIT: Just to let you guys now there’s a few extra bits of dialogue but it’s was hard to understand.

Let’s break down this description based on what we know about the movie.

The current rumor is Team Cap consists of Cap, Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch while Team Iron Man has Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, Black Widow, and Spider-Man. This rumored footage has fights between Scarlet Witch and War Machine, Captain America and Iron Man, Falcon and Black Widow, and Ant-Man and Vision. Those 4 fights all fall in line with those teams.

There are also fights between Crossbones and Captain America which could end badly, Spider-Man and Baron Zemo which is a bit of a surprise, and Black Panther and Captain America which makes sense given his neutral take in the film.

Now this all sounds great but since it easy to match this up with old rumors, the rumor level should rise a bit higher. I’m not saying that the Reddit user SilverPool made this all up but we will likely know on Saturday. The trailer sounds great if it is real even if I am surprised Marvel would show so many characters and reveal the Spider-Man costume in the very first teaser trailer.

Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: Reddit