As we get closer and closer to D23, along with still processing all of the news we were blessed with at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H, a new rumor has surfaced about more casting news from Marvel Studios! An exclusive from Geeks WorldWide reveals that Marvel is looking into casting a possibly Asian character, codenamed “David” and described as a “ruler of an ancient, distant kingdom.”

Being well-trained in the art of speculating as Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, this description seems to be a pretty spot-on description for Namor the Submariner, a character that fans have been dying to see in the MCU for years However, given that the MCU usually strays ever so slightly from the comics, including bringing new and original characters into the films on occasion, nothing definitive can be said about these rumors.

While the most likely place to introduce Namor would potentially be in a Black Panther sequel, which has only been teased by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, there are a few other options for where this unknown character could be introduced, and even who the character really is. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness director Scott Derrickson recently teased (then immediately deleted) a cryptic picture on on his Twitter account of the Sorcerer Supreme underwater, which could mean we’ll be seeing him team up with (or do battle against) the ruler of Marvel’s Atlantis in May of 2021. Other possibilities include the classic villain Nightmare, or even an original character for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings or one of Marvel’s other future projects, those that have been announced already and those that haven’t.

With this rumor being so vague, there are endless scenarios that this rumor could be implying for the MCU’s future, but that won’t stop any of us from trying to figure out what it could be. If you ask me, I’m on the Namor train, but obviously open to other exciting options. Whether we get an official announcement at D23 2019, or if we have to wait even longer, the anticipation only continues to build as the plans for MCU Phases 4 and 5 continue to grow!

Source: GWW