If you were to ask anyone who saw Captain America: Civil War who their favorite character was, you could get varrying answers due to the large cast that was involved. However, one of the newcomers would garner a significant amount of those results. No, I’m not referring to arguably the greatest Spider-Man we’ve ever seen, but instead Black Panther. With it being unclear if we will see him again before his solo film, Marvel will try to keep him people’s minds, whether that be by official or unofficial stories.

Even though Black Panther does not start filming until next year, it has already started assembling an impressive cast with Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o reportedly set to co-star alongside Chadwick Boseman. Who they are playing remains a mystery, which has led to plenty of speculation online. At this point, basically any possibility has been suggested, which makes a recent casting call a bit suspicious. MovieCastingCall.org has posted a list of potential characters that could appear.

Before we get into what characters the report calls for, it should be stressed that is just a rumor at this point. We have no idea how old or legitimate this casting call is, especially considering how long Marvel has to search for new additions before the film starts shooting. While there are plenty of new characters listed, the casting call states that Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) will both make their second appearance in the MCU.

As for what new characters will be appearing, the casting call lists Okoye, Monica Lynne, N’Gassi, Reverend Achebe, W’Kabe, Zuri, Erik Killmonger, White Wolf, Queen Divine Justice, and Man-Ape. If you are unfamiliar with these characters, here is a quick breakdown of where they would fall. Okoye and Queen Divine Justice are members of the Dora Milaje, T’Challa’s group of female body guards. Monica Lynne is one of T’Challa’s oldest love interests. N’Gassi is one of his advisers, with W’Kabi and Zuri being a part of the Wakandan military. Reverend Achebe, Erik Killmonger, White Wolf, and Man-Ape are all villains of varying degrees.

Among the list there is no real surprise of a character could appear, but if there is one that makes me weary that this is real is the amount of antagonists. Klaue, Killmonger, White Wolf, and Man-Ape make up a large number of people for Black Panther to take on, and that’s just within Wakanda. If the movie does deal with them housing Bucky at all, other threats could become involved as well. We likely will not the legitimacy of this casting call until production kicks into high gear, but I would be surprised if all of these characters appear. Director Ryan Coogler does not even have a final draft yet, so there is a possibility some characters get cut in the process, or where never considered at all.

Black Panther is scheduled to hit theaters February 16, 2018.

Source: MovieCastingCall.org (via Omega Underground).