Anyone who’s been into MCU rumors lately has probably heard of Roger Wardell, a mysterious Twitter account with no (real) name, picture or anything else other than pure Marvel scoops attached to it.

As suspicious and unreliable as it looks, there’s definitely a reason to pay attention: Last December, nearly six months before the release of Avengers: Endgame, said account posted several details of the film that no one else had any idea about. He got everything right: Fat Thor, Edwin Jarvis’ cameo, Robert Redford’s appearance, the recreation of the elevator scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and even Stan Lee’s cameo. Now that we’ve all seen the film, those rumors are scarily accurate.

Earlier this month, a couple of rumors of his surfaced, and now we got some more interesting stuff from the guy. After saying that Deadpool will not, in fact, be showing up in the next Spider-Man movie and that Sony really wants Tom Hardy’s Venom to show up in the third Spidey film, he tweeted the following:

If you’ve never heard of David Morrissey, he’s the guy who played The Governor on the TV show The Walking Dead, plus a bunch of other stuff. It makes a lot of sense since he’s a talented, known face that’s yet to get his big break in blockbuster cinema, but what’s cryptic about it is the word “multiple”. What could multiple roles mean? Is it literal, as in he’s playing multiple characters, or is it a tongue in cheek thing, like Benedict Cumberbatch playing “multiple” roles in Infinity War during the Battle of Titan?

As for who he’d be playing, the first character that comes to mind and that’s been highly hyped online lately is Norman Osborn. The Spider-Man baddie, who also happens to be one of the major villains of the Marvel Universe in the comics, has been a long-speculated character that’s yet to show up. Morrissey has the age, face, and talent required for a Norman Osborn that matches Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, and seeing him as a full-on Green Goblin would certainly be a sight to see. Reed Richards would also be a good fit for an actor like him.

What role do you think would be a fit for Morrissey? Let us know in the comments.