Fans were left surprised when Marvel Studios announced a bunch of new series back in D23 and one of the surprising announcements was the Moon Knight Disney+ series..  Not much is known about the Marc Spector-led series aside from the rumor of Marvel looking at actors with Israeli descent for the lead role. However, a new report from MCU Cosmic states that the series is already casting one of its villains in the form of Stained Glass Scarlet.

In the comics, Scarlett Fasinera a.k.a. Stained Glass Scarlet is an ex-nun who became a villain that debuted back in Moon Knight #14. Fasinera has no powers but she is known to be an expert in martial arts and she wields a crossbow as her main weapon. The villain has an interesting connection to Moon Knight because they share a psychic bond. The said connection between the two allows both of them to communicate psychically and it also allows Scarlett to appear in Spector’s dreams if the connection is open. It will be intriguing how the Disney+ series will translate this particular connection in live-action and it could give way to a lot of different possibilities.

It has not been confirmed yet if Stained Glass Scarlet will be the main villain of the Disney+ series. Many fans are expecting Raoul Bushman, Spector’s arch-nemesis, to be the main villain and it could still happen. Scarlett could be one of the first villains that Moon Knight will face before venturing off to face another powerful villain or she could team up with another villain to take down the hero.  Either way, it will be a tough task for the hooded vigilante.

Source: MCU Cosmic