Disney+ is going all out in fleshing out the other side of the MCU. One of the shows tasked to do so is WandaVision. Production for the Disney+ series is tightly secured at the moment but our good friend Charles Murphy recently learned that Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Doctor Strange, will be on set for the last week of filming for the series. This all makes sense since it was already confirmed that the events of WandaVision is set to connect with the plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This also gives strong evidence to an earlier rumor where Nightmare will be the villain pulling the strings in the Disney+ series.

It is unknown how big of a role will Cumberbatch play in the series but it will definitely be an important one. One way would be a special post credits cameo at the tail end of the series which would directly lead to the Doctor Strange sequel. It also makes sense that Doctor Strange would appear at the latter part of the series where the action is picking up since the show is already being dubbed as part sitcom and part spectacle.

WandaVision is proving to be one of the unique entries of the MCU that will open up a lot of possibilities moving forward. We’ve already seen how powerful Wanda is during Avengers Endgame and it is scary to think how limitless her power is. Heck, she might not be aware of how powerful she is. This would be the perfect way for beings such as Nightmare to take advantage of her. The silver lining of all of this is the fact that Doctor Strange is ready to help her with her powers. We just need to hope that it’s not yet too late.

We will get to learn more of how big is the impact of Doctor Strange to Wanda when WandaVision premieres on Disney+ in the early part of 2021.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse