Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in just under two months and despite some concerns that the trailers may have given away too much, there are still a great many mysteries surrounding the film including the roles of some of the cast members. One such cast member about whom there is a great deal of speculation is Donald Glover. Glover has been seen briefly in all the footage and seems to be paired up with Logan Marshall-Green’s character. You may remember us bringing you the identity of Green’s character and now we believe we can deliver the goods on Glover as well.  While we don’t have the same level of confidence we did in bringing you that scoop, we do feel pretty good, more along the lines of when we believed we had identified the Cosmic character Sylvester Stallone would be playing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

We love engaging in speculation here and at this point, despite us having some pretty decent evidence, we can’t claim to be doing anything other than speculating by putting a few pieces of evidence together. Last year a longtime trusted source told us that Donald Glover would be playing a character by the name of the Prowler. We were unable to confirm with a second source, but we felt good enough about it to make sure we included it in some fun speculation about Glover’s character in early April.  While we still don’t have further confirmation, we did come across some potentially interesting information yesterday via the Marvel Studios subReddit. It appears that stuntman Brandon. M Shaw did some work on Spider-Man: Homecoming and may have done some updating to his IMDB page:

While we certainly cannot take IMDB as any sort of official confirmation, we have seen this before, specifically with stuntmen. If this is accurate, Shaw, who is also worked on Cloak and Dagger, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, doubled as the character “Aaron Davis”, aka the Prowler from Marvel’s Ultimate 1610-universe. If Shaw is doubling as Davis, it’s a very strong possibility that he is Glover’s stunt double and that opens up some very, very intriguing possibilities.

Adding Aaron Davis to the mix does more than confirm our source’s information that Glover would be playing the Prowler. Specifically choosing the Ultimate Aaron Davis version of the character would seem to indicate that Marvel Studios and Sony have some long-term plans that involve a fan-favorite character: Miles Morales. In the comics, Davis is the brother of Jefferson Davis, the father of Miles Morales, and responsible for the events surrounding Miles being bitten by a spider and gaining his powers. Davis is also a career criminal who has ties to the Tinkerer and an interesting past with the Vulture’s wings.  While we haven’t been privy to any conversations between Kevin Feige and Sony, it would seem logical that choosing the Davis version of the character rather than the Hobie Brown version might eventually lead to Miles Morales in the MCU.

Fans may  remember that Glover once campaigned for the role of Miles Morales and while he’s far too old to play a young teen now, having him in the film and related to Miles would be a clever nod to his campaign and align nicely with a popular fan theory that has popped up many places, including our comment section here. Again, we cannot confirm this in any way, but we thought there was enough evidence to bring it to our readers and let you guys decide for yourselves!