As if Kevin Feige and his Marvel Studios Parliament didn’t already have a ton of work on their hands. In the latest episode of Murphy’s Law Podcast, Charles Murphy shared that he heard there were more than a dozen MCU properties being developed for Disney+ in addition to the 8 ones that were announced. Good God.

There’s been no shortage of MCU Disney+ rumors lately, with the latest one being a possible animated Power Pack series. With the vast library of characters and properties Marvel now has their hands on following the Fox acquisition, there certainly is no shortage of concepts they can develop. Imagine an X-Factor Investigations miniseries that delves into superhero crimes.

MCU in the Disney+ serves a perfect avenue to flesh out characters and give the fans a chance to emotionally invest with the characters in their own show. When the time comes that the character shows up in the movie side of the MCU, it will definitely be exciting for fans because they are invested in that character. They also get to understand the references to the Disney+ show once it gets a nod from the movies. Fans of Marvel TV knows full well that the events that are happening in the MCU movies are heavily referenced in the shows. In the near future, it will be fresh to see that the Disney+ series gets to be referenced in an MCU flick.

Source: Murphy’s Law Podcast