The ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe just kicked off Phase 3 last week, and with nine movies still to come out between now and 2020, it has only just begun. The large majority of these movies have directors and stars attached, with the lone exception being Captain Marvel. This will be the first female led Marvel film, with the studio also eyeing their first female director for the project. By all indications, we should have an official announcement in the coming months, but so far Marvel is still searching.

The recent rumors have pointed to the director and star sharing their first name, which raised another rumor that Emily Carmichael had met with Marvel to pair her with the fan favorite Emily Blunt. Well now, we have a new possible director to consider. We Got This Covered is reporting their sources have told them that up and coming director Elizabeth Wood met with Marvel during the past week.

Our sources are telling us that a private meeting was held last week between Marvel representatives and independent filmmaker Elizabeth Wood in order to discuss potential directorial duties. It’s believed that the meeting was brokered by Wood’s producer-husband, Gabriel Nussbaum, with whom Wood has worked on all her professional projects.

This rumor should obviously be taken with a big grain of salt and if she does not end up getting the gig, it will be hard to determine whether or not this report was ever true. However, if this and previous rumors are too be believed, Marvel is looking for the most unknown director they’ve ever worked with. As for an actress that shares her name? One that is kind of a cheat would be Mary Elizabeth Winstead from 10 Cloverfield Lane. Two other unlikely matches could be Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) or Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost). Finally, one interesting crazy theory that could work is if Elizabeth Debicki from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was actually playing Carol Danvers.

Let us know what you think of Wood as the director and who should be the star in the comments below!

Captain Marvel is scheduled to hit theaters March 18, 2019.

Source: We Got This Covered.