When Captain America: Civil War started filming, we immediately began to see set photos of Frank Grillo and Chris Evans having an intense fight. At the time, we thought that this could be the incident that set off Civil War, but we did not know how.

Thanks to a new report by Heroic Hollywood, we may have a better understanding of what happens here, although the report should be taken as a rumor for the time being.

Warning: Potential spoilers for Captain America: Civil War to follow.

Heroic Hollywood is reporting that the incident that starts off the events of Civil War and give us the Accords referred to in the post-credit scene for Ant-Man are thanks to Crossbones.

HH says that Captain America and Scarlet Witch will be on the hunt for Crossbones, and just when they think that they may have him in their grasps, everything ends up going terribly wrong. The rumor is, Crossbones has lined his vest with explosives that he plans to set off. To try and stop this, Cap orders Scarlet Witch to levitate Crossbones into the air before the vest explodes. She can not contain the explosion and it wrecks the surroundings and kills civilians.

Now if this report is true, it means the end of Crossbones and another quick exit by a potentially strong and powerful villain. I, for one, hope this report turns out not to be entirely true and they figure out a way to keep Crossbones around. One way this could happen would be for Cap to defeat Crossbones, pull the vest off, and have Scarlet Witch try and get the vest as far away as possible.

Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: Heroic Hollywood