The MCU has always been about getting the best onscreen talent for their films. We’ve had legends, rising stars, and undiscovered gems turn the MCU into what it is. One legend Marvel Studios is allegedly is interested in casting in one of their films is Giancarlo Esposito. At least that’s what MCU Cosmic is telling us.

The site doesn’t know for what film but a role they think Esposito could be up for is the fabled Benefactor. For those you who missed a while back, the Benefactor was reportedly a character Marvel was looking to bring into the fold in a series of unspecified movies. The Benefactor was described as ‘mysterious and nefarious’ and would essentially be one big recurring character all throughout the future phases. While that Benefactor could be anybody (he’s already been referenced in-universe by Sonny Burch in Ant-Man & the Wasp), a lot of fans, including myself, think that he may very well be Norman Osborn.

Whatever your feelings on this rumor are, Esposito is a solid get for the MCU. Fans of television know the gravitas and terror Esposito brings onscreen and he’d certainly make for an amazing MCU villain.

Sourc: MCU Cosmic