The sequel to last year’s smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy is currently known only as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but it might be getting a new title – Guardians of the Galaxy 3000. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed 2998 follow-up films -that possible title is based off a report by Bleeding Cool, who mention that the sequel has be been giving the working/production title of Guardians 3000. While production titles frequently have little bearing on the final title – and are sometimes not even remotely related to the film – there’s reason to believe this one may offer clues for the sequel, whether or not the title indeed becomes Guardians of the Galaxy 3000.

Guardians 3000 is actually the name of the currently running comic book series featuring the original Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of heroes from an alternate timeline and set in the 31st century. The first Guardians of the Galaxy comic, published in 1969, was centered on this team, and the modern incarnation of the team featured in both the comics and the film comes from the 2008 reboot of the series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which Gunn cites as the primary comics inspiration for the film. The new team features a disparate group of odd ball heroes – Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot – teaming up together, despite little or no shared comic book history (the initial comic book roster also featured Quasar/Phyla-Vehl and Adam Warlock, both which are likely inclusions the sequel – Latino Review’s El Mayimbye has already said that Adam Warlock will indeed be in the film).

Most of the 31st century Guardians cast is bizarre (even by comic book standards) and unfamiliar to all but the most hardcore comic reader, with the exception of one: Yondu Udantu. In the comics, Yondu is described as a “noble savage” and basically an alien version of the most racist of native american caricatures, but in the film we of course know him as the growly voiced leader of the Ravagers and the surrogate father of Peter Quill. Gunn has said previously that Yondu is a “really important character in this universe” and at the premiere for Age of Ultron revealed that we’ll learn more about him in the sequel.

Is it possible that Yondu is actually from the far future, sent back in time for some purpose – perhaps related to Quill and/or his mysterious father? While the idea does have a bit of a Days of Future Past vibe, that film will be long enough in the past by the time Guardians 2 – I’m sorry, Guardians 3000 – comes out, and it’s clear Gunn has been developing the mythology of the Guardians for quite some time. Moreover, giving a sequel the numeric “3000” seems just the sort of cheeky humour Gunn is known for.

What do you think? Disappointed you’ll miss out on 2998 alternate titles, or excited for what the future may bring?

Source: Production Weekly via BleedingCool