There’s been a lot of back and forth among reports regarding the iconic Mar-Vell role in March’s Captain Marvel. Both Jude Law and Annette Benning‘s characters have been heavily speculated to be Mar-Vell but recent official merchandise sightings have proved otherwise. Now, a new cast member contending for the Mar-Vell role has entered the arena because rumor has it, Weeds star Hunter Parrish was cast in the film in a very important and surprising role.

We’ll take this a rumor for now because there’s no verifying whether this dude actually got to watch a cut of the film. If we’re not mistaken, only close friends and family of Disney staffers get to watch test screenings to ensure tighter non-disclosure agreements. If he’s being real, someone he’s close with at Disney is about to get canned. With all that said, there is something oddly specific about name-dropping Parrish in what’s described as “one of the best and most important roles” in the film. On one hand, the dude is a ringer for Mar-Vell and will surely please a lot of fans waiting to see a comic-accurate version on-screen. On the other, Parrish could be playing a totally different character in the film. It could be one of the Vell kids, for all we know. Whatever the case is, the curious case and whereabouts of the original Mar-Vell lives on with this rumor.

Source: Twitter