Spider-Man: Far From Home is shaping up to be every Spidey fanboy’s dream as it introduces one of the wall-crawler’s most iconic of foes, Mysterio and features the return of fan-favorite Nick Fury. Yesterday, it was revealed that Numan Acar was joining the cast as a mysterious character named Dimitri, which many are speculating to be another classic Spidey foe, Chameleon. Now, a new rumor is suggesting that Spider-Man: Far From Home may feature another Spidey staple, Hydro-Man.

According to the rumor, some concept art was presented somewhere that featured Spider-Man taking on Hydro-Man as he web-swings through Venice, Italy. This is exciting because I can already imagine a setpiece where Hydro-Man turns the canals of Venice into a city-wide weapon. I’ve been long baffled at Hydro-Man’s status as a third-tier villain considering his godlike abilities (he’s a modern-day Poseidon) so whatever opportunity they can get to showcase his potential, I’m all for. However, this rumor seems unfounded with a Youtube video as the only reference. We haven’t heard any presentation from Disney or Sony that the public may have gotten its eye on.

But putting that proverbial grain of salt aside, what could this mean for the film? Should we be worried about this seeming deluge (pun intended) of villains headed at us? Not quite. As you may all recall, Spider-Man: Homecoming featured a slew of baddies from the comic books – Shocker, Tinkerer, Prowler, Montana, Scorpion – but still managed to aim its attention at Vulture, who got a very adequate amount of character development. These roles clearly vary relative to the scope of the story. This rumored Hydro-Man scene could very well be a one-off montage depicting Spidey fighting all sorts of villains across his Europe trip.

Source: Youtube