Looks like Iron Fist Season 2 might not suck! As we await the next batch of Marvel/Netflix shows, details continue to trickle in, namely for Daredevil Season 3 and the second season of Iron Fist. The first season was notoriously ripped apart by both critics and audiences alike, and when Marvel fans received news that a second season was in the works, everyone wondered what steps the production team would take to ensure that the show improved.

Well, if the rumor mill is to be believed, the second season might just be…decent. Today, we uncovered several leaks regarding plot details on Reddit surrounding the Netflix shows. The crazy thing is that all of them seem to be true judging from the Reddit user’s insanely accurate track record.. Therefore what you will read is information we believe to be true. Still, we’ll it to you guys to discern its validity. Ready? Lets break it down quote by quote.

Iron Fist is top notch. Shorter season. Better pacing. better everything, really. they rely on a very tired trope for one of the main plot points, but it works somehow. misty and colleen steal the show. only a part of the costume [will be included] and only as sort of an easter egg.

First off, the post suggests that Season 2 will be shorter than the typical 13 episode run. This is something that has been speculated on since it was revealed that Netflix had ordered 135 episodes for Marvel to film in the fiscal year of 2017/2018, leaving Iron Fist with 10 episodes to film. It certainly would explain why the show wrapped earlier than Daredevil Season 3 despite it starting later. If this is to be believed, then it bodes very well for an improvement in quality. One of the most common complaints by critics and fans alike is that the Marvel/Netflix shows have bloated seasons. While 13 episodes may not seem like a ton, many have criticized the shows for seemingly not having 13 episodes worth of actual content and stretching the story out simply to fill the episode order. With a shorter season, Iron Fist could iron out the pace and give us a much tighter and potential higher budget story.

In regards to the other comments, it’s no surprise that Misty Knight and Colleen Wing steal the show. It will be interesting to see Misty as part of the Iron Fist series, and fans are sure to be hoping for a taste of the Daughters of the Dragon. The comments of the costume seem like a typical move for Netflix, who seem to be under the impression that the best move when making a comic book movie is to avoid the comic book costumes at all cost. With Daredevil Season 2 as a notable exception, most of the shows have given us just a slight tease of the costume in the form of an Easter egg, so it is not surprising to hear that this might also be the case in Iron Fist Season 2.

The Reddit post goes on further to say:

IF choreography has improved a lot. Danny looks competent now and has cool moments. But the stand out scenes in IF are the ones that involve Colleen.

Finally! Many of the biggest and most brutal reviews of the first season noted that the fighting choreography was verging on terrible at times. Reports from the set revealed that on many occasions there wouldn’t even be a choreographer, and fight scenes were often created on the spot without practice or preparation. Finn Jones seemed to do the best that he could under the circumstances, but for a show about martial arts, better (and more) fight scenes are definitely expected from the second season.

The villain is exactly who you would expect. But he is well written and his motivations are believable. They even sort of make me buy Joy’s betrayal, which I found immensely stupid at first.

Clearly, the villain for the season will be Danny’s friend-turned-enemy Davos, played by Sacha Dhawan. That certainly isn’t surprising due to the way the first season ended, but it is refreshing to hear that his motivations are believable and well written. One can only hope that the show will take the time (and budget) to explore the city of K’un-Lun, even if only through flashbacks. If there’s anything that the success of this show comes down to, it seems to be budget. The first season promised a martial arts show about a character who received a glowing fist from punching a dragon in a mystical city, and it gave us a show with only decent martial arts, few actual uses of the fist, and almost no look at either the dragon or the city. It was a classic example of a show about source material they didn’t have the budget to do justice, and it’s no surprise that showrunner Scott Buck was also responsible for the atrocious and canceled Inhumans TV Series. These leaks give us a spark of hope that the show might be interesting, but please raise a glass in hoping they’ve actually assigned the budget they need to do it justice.

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Source: Reddit