After months of rumors of cancellation of the series, followed shortly thereafter with rumors that it’d instead be turned into a movie on Netflix, Marvel gave those who were worried about the Iron Fist series some much needed news. Last week, they announced Scott Buck will serve as the showrunner for the series.

Now that the series is definitely moving forward, we should start to get new information and casting as the show moves closer to production. Speaking of production, Point of Geeks is claiming to have new information on when production will begin, as well as casting descriptions, and confirmation of a particular character from Jessica Jones making an appearance.

According to That Hashtag Show, Iron Fist is moving forward with goal to start shooting, under the code name “Kick”, in New York this April. This would put the series production schedule likely after Daredevil season 2 airs, and with Luke Cage probably wrapped on shooting as well by that point. If they do start shooting in April, we can assume the series will hit Netflix early 2017. Each show typically films for around five-six months, and then premieres approximately two months later. Assuming Iron Fist follows this time-frame, we can expect it to hit Netflix around December 2016 or January 2017.

They also are reporting two character descriptions that are being sent out for casting purposes.


25 – 28 yrs old Handsome and sophisticated, independent and a loner. SERIES REGULAR


45 – 50 yrs old Caucasian, highly intelligent, merciless, confident and arrogant, physically active. SERIES REGULAR

Dylan Kendall is likely a stand in for Danny Rand, but what is most interesting is that he is not listed at being strictly Caucasian. The internet has been buzzing with hope of an Asian-American version of Iron Fist, and it seems like Marvel is, at the very least, testing those waters. Point of Geeks speculates that Henry Marshall could actually be Harold Meachum, Steel Serpent, or Orson Randall.

Their final piece of information is that Carrie-Anne Moss will reprise her role as Jerri Hogarth from Jessica Jones in the new series as well. This would not be shocking if proven true considering Jeri Hogarth is a re-imagined version of Jeryn Hogarth from the comics who has strong ties to the Rand family and Heroes for Hire.

All of this sounds like a good start for Iron Fist, although it puts doubt in my mind that we will get a second season of Jessica Jones before The Defenders.

Iron Fist is currently in development with a likely 2017 release.

Source: That Hashtag Show