Update: Dave over at Latino-Review has gone on to corroborate the original rumor that Iron Fist will in fact show up on Luke Cage.

Finally, a bit of Netflix to head out on – I can corroborate that Iron Fist shows up at the end of the Luke Cage Netflix series. That’s been floating around out there, along with news that Shang-Chi is going to be in the Iron Fist series. I haven’t heard that second rumor from anyone other than The Hashtag Show, but I have heard from enough people that I believe it to be true that we know about Finn Jones now because he’s already completed his work on Luke Cage and eventually someone would leak it.

When it comes to bloggers worth trusting? Dave is one of the most spot on, so I’m more inclined to believe this rumor is true.

Source: Latino-Review.

You can read the original report below.

Ever since Marvel announced that Iron Fist would be one of the four series leading up to The Defenders mini-series, it has had rumors of a troubling pre-production. There were rumors of the series becoming a movie, Marvel having trouble adapting the mysticism, and much more.

Things have finally started turning around for the series over the last few months. We now have Scott Buck as the showrunner, at least one writer, a stunt coordinator, and the biggest and best news of all with Finn Jones getting cast to play the lead.

While we wait for Marvel to officially announce casting Jones, everyone has been wondering if we would have to wait until his own series to meet the character. Well, according to Umberto Gonzalez he will debut in Luke Cage. During an appearance on Collider Heroes, Gonzalez said the following,

Yes he is. Episode 13. That’s why it was announced, or else it would have leaked … They shot him last week.

Granted, the news was leaked by That Hashtag Show before the trades and other notable sites confirmed the casting. The decision by Marvel to put him in Luke Cage is about as non-surprising as it gets. Iron Fist and Luke Cage have a long history from the comics going back to their days as Heroes For Hire. It would be way more surprising if Iron Fist did not appear in the series. Still, it is great to hear, even as a rumor, that we will get to see him debut this year.

Iron Fist is currently in pre-production and will likely debut in 2017.

Source: Umberto Gonzalez on Collider Heroes