Every now and then, rumors surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe will find their way onto Reddit. Most of the time, these rumors seem implausible, claiming to have information that goes well beyond Phase Three. However, in between those rumors, there are some that actually do seem to have some sort of legitimacy to them. Such is the case with this latest rumor. According to a user on Reddit, The Expanse actor Jared Harris is apparently in talks for a villainous role. Unfortunately, that’s all of the information the source seems to have regarding this rumor.

I work for an agency that works with many different actors, and so I’m used to hearing various ‘rumors’ and I always take things with a grain of salt myself, but I have some information today that is more tangible then ever before.

I have word that Jared Harris is meeting with Marvel Studios for a villainous role. Harris has met with Marvel before and was in consideration before for various roles, but either Harris or Marvel couldn’t agree on the role. Still, both parties are persistent in exploring possible avenues, and this has lead to the latest meetings.

All I know is that this villain will play a major role after Phase 3, and likely won’t make an appearance for another 2-3 years in a major capacity, but Marvel loves to sew their seeds early and plans are already underway.

So what makes this rumor seem more plausible than the others? For starters, this is a bare bones rumor that involves a lesser known actor. (By this, I only mean that – despite his impressive resume – he isn’t a big name like Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr..) Secondly? Harris is an actor I could actually see Marvel bringing in as a villain. However, no matter how plausible this may seem, it’s still merely a rumor and should be treated as such.

What do you think? Would you like to see Harris tackle a villain role for Marvel? Sound off in the comments below!

Side note: If you haven’t already, I’d highly suggest watching *The Expanse.

Source: Reddit.