Disney and Marvel Studios are going into overdrive, as they are preparing one series after another for development for Disney+. Just recently, the Vision and Scarlet Witch series tapped Captain Marvel writer Jac Schaeffer as showrunner. Shortly after, rumors were suggesting that the Tom Hiddleston series Loki would feature him narrating his life. A Falcon and Winter Soldier series also has a showrunner in Malcolm Spellman while more shows are being rumored. There are also rumors of a Nick Fury and Rocket and Groot series being in development for the platform. Now, we can throw one more show into the mix, as Discussing Film go the exclusive that a Lady Sif series is also in development. Jaimie Alexander will reprise her role with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige producing it.

It sounds like Marvel Studios is brainstorming a lot of potential shows that they could add to the Disney+ platform. There are high expectations for the Disney-owned streaming service so they will try to get out as many shows as possible. Lady Sif is quite a natural fit especially after she wasn’t included in Thor: Ragnarok. We could get a chance to see what exactly she was up to during that time. While out on a mission, she might have not known that her friends the Warriors Three were killed by Hela and that Asgard has gone up in flames.

Maybe we could also explore the repercussions of those events, as she scrambles to see if any of the Asgardians have survived. It would be great to also give some closure on what happened to the Asgardians after the attack from Thanos. We could see her meet Valkyrie, Korg, and Meek as they scramble to find a safe haven. There are a lot of potential stories that could be told with the character.

What do you think? Would you want to watch a Lady Sif mini-series?

Source: Discussing Film