Marvel Studios’ new properties premiering on Disney+ seem to be more potentially important to the MCU by the day! Thanks to latest new rumor released today, the new big bad of the entire super-franchise could be on his way via Disney’s new streaming service, where Marvel will be releasing multiple new mini-series starting this fall. According to Full Circle Cinema via Daniel RPK, the Disney+ mini-series Loki is preparing to set up one of the baddest villains Marvel Comics has to offer: Kang The Conqueror!

Fans have been wondering for years when the supervillain  would come into play, especially considering his rights have belonged to Fox Studios along with all the Fantastic 4 characters. Although there are no specifics on how the show will introduce Kang, simply having a character that monumental in the works is a huge step forward as the Disney/Fox merger makes more progress toward bringing all of the new Fox- owned characters to life.

Loki is set to follow our favorite trickster/anti-hero as he goes on a whirlwind time-and-space-traveling adventure, and given the series is set to introduce the Time Variance Authority in some capacity, it makes a great deal of sense to lay the groundwork to set up Kang here. He started off as 31st-century scholar Nathaniel Richards before traveling back in time to ancient Egpyt and becoming the Pharaoh Rama-Tut, and considering he was also a member of the Time Variance Authority himself, a confrontation with his ex-colleagues would seem to be inevitable. Loki is currently filming and set to release on Disney+ in spring 2021, and we can only hope to learn more about Kang’s potential arrival in the series soon!

Source:Full Circle Cinema via Daniel RPK