The line up of Avengers as we knew it may have its end at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame but that doesn’t rule out the countless offshoots of the team coming together in upcoming films. And based on a new rumor from HN Entertainment, one of those Avengers offshoots may be The Ultimates.

Not to be confused with the Ultimates version of the Avengers in which the early MCU films took a lot of inspiration from several years back, the Ultimates being referred to in the rumor is a brand new iteration featuring the likes of Captain Marvel and Black Panther. This iteration of the Ultimates is essentially the Avengers embarking on Star Trek-esque missions to solve the universe’s ultimate problems.

Currently, there are three Ultimates members currently existing in the MCU with Carol, T’Challa and an adult Monica Rambeau that we have yet to meet. Disney CEO also mentioned last year that the studio is looking to build new franchises “beyond Avengers,” possibly hinting at an IP like Ultimates or The Eternals. HN Entertainment is also saying that films based on the branch realities the Avengers create in Avengers: Endgame are also being looked at by the studio.

Source: HN Entertainment