The forth season of Agents of SHIELD had a enormous boost by introducing Robbie Ryes, the most recent incarnation of Ghost Rider from the comics. However, according to
Daniel Richtman it seems like Kevin Feige wants to use the character as well. Richtman does note that Marvel Studios would likely use a different version of the rider, of which there are plenty.

This seems to make it clear that Feige doesn’t plan on using Robbie Ryes. Considering that the character also just had a Hulu series announced. Maybe it could be Johnny Blaze? After all, they only had a very small cameo in Agents of SHIELD and their use of him could be easily hand-waved. But, Kevin Feige historically doesn’t like doing repeat performances, since there have already been two movies starring the character. That leaves Danny Ketch and Alejandra Jones as the primary candidates to host the Spirit of Vengeance. Danny being a more reluctant Ghost Rider, who does seek to use it for good, while Jones is more of an anti-hero lacking the more altruistic traits of other riders.

Whomever they pick to don the flaming skull, it’s obvious now that Kevin Feige is building up to The Midnight Sons. A superhero team composed of heroes that deal exclusively with the supernatural and monstrous in nature. They’ve already announced Blade and Moon Knight as a movie and Disney+ series. Just a month ago, rumors of Werewolf by Night appearing in this universe became a possible reality. All this can’t be mere coincidence.

Which Ghost Rider do you think that Marvel Studios should use?

Source: Daniel Richtman