For several months now, the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first collaboration between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, has been constantly changing. Characters or actors were announced to have joined production at seemingly random times, leaving fans to speculate what it all means. Just the other day, we reported that UFC Fighter Tyron Woodley has likely left production, leaving his villainous role behind.

Now, thanks to Bleeding Cool, we have a clue as to another character that may be in the film. Apparently, Sony employees have “taken a real interest” in a Spider-Man deep cut known as Nightwatch, purchasing any and all comic material featuring the character, which generally serves as a good indicator for being in a movie.

Nightwatch is a character originating in the Spider-Man comics, who traveled through time in order to stop himself from dying, stealing his own sentient suit.

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston also spoke with Terry Kavanaugh, who is credited as the character’s co-creator:

From what I remember, we created Nightwatch to be a spooky, dark character with a science-fiction background, as I was interested in playing with the contrast. I asked for specific elements like the prehensile cape, and a shadow-like darkness that always surrounded and followed him, but Alex Saviuk designed the actual look. Alex might have been inspired by Spawn – a lot of character design was inspired by Image characters in those days – but I’m not sure.

Having popped up in several different Marvel storylines, it’s not entirely impossible that we’ll see him appear in the MCU, but with the movie set to feature so many other obscure characters, I’d have to say that’s somewhat unlikely. On the other hand, Sony is going for never-seen-the-screen characters, so it’s really a guessing game.

Do you think that Nightwatch would be a valuable addition to the MCU? Let us know in the comments.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set for release on July 7, 2017, and will star Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), Michael Keaton (The Vulture), Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan), Zendaya (Michelle), and so many more.

Source: Bleeding Cool