We at the MCU Exchange try to do our best to follow best practices in social media and journalism so when we pass on a rumor, you can trust that we have done a great deal of work and thinking behind the scenes before bringing it to you. With that said, we have done our thinking and have chosen to present the following to you as a rumor and, at this point, nothing more.

We were contacted by a new source who indicated to us that Marvel has cast the leads for the upcoming Cloak and Dagger series to be aired on Freeform. According to this source Noah Gray-Cabey (Heroes, Code Black) and Debby Ryan (Jessie, Radio Rebel) have been cast as Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen, respectively.


After receiving the information, we reached out to other sources for confirmation and did some digging around on our own. In digging we found some interesting social media activity that could tie the two actors to the show. Cabey, who recently finished filming the second season of Code Black, was also recently followed on Twitter by Joe Pokaski, the showrunner for Cloak and Dagger. While that piece of evidence is tenuous by itself, given our information and the fact that the vast majority of the people Pokaski follows on Twitter are either people he has worked with or people associated with Marvel, it certainly seems less than coincidental.

In searching through Ryan’s Twitter, we found that she follows the official Marvel Cloak and Dagger Twitter page. Ryan doesn’t follow many people, and even fewer shows. Of those, Cloak and Dagger is definitely the outlier and adds another breadcrumb to our trail.

Without confirmation from another source, we didn’t feel comfortable running that as anything but a rumor, but we won’t be surprised to find out it’s accurate. Cabey and Ryan are the right ages (21 and 23) to pull of runaway teens, and both have enough cachet and connections to land the lead roles. Cabey carries some serious nerd cred for his role as Micah Sanders on Heroes and Ryan is a Disney kid who was the star of a Disney Channel sitcom for 5 years. Production on Cloak and Dagger is scheduled to begin February 14th in New Orleans, so it won’t be long before we get feedback on our rumor.

In related news, another source has reached out to us with the news that casting for Runaways, Marvel’s first series for the streaming service Hulu, is in its final stages. Our source tells us that actors have been called back and are preparing to screen test for the lead roles in the series. The series is also expected to begin filming in February, so we are fairly confident that this is an accurate report. We are working on this and hope to bring you further information soon.