Potential spoilers inbound…

When last we saw Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark World, he wasn’t quite himself. Having seemingly disappeared in the wake of the reemergence of the Aether, the second Infinity Stone to be revealed to the universe in a relatively short period of time, Odin’s place on the throne was taken by his adopted son, the shape-shifting trickster, Loki, who took on the guise of his father.

According to a new report from Geek.com, we now may have some insight as to why the Allfather took off. In somewhat of a surprise, their sources have indicated to them that Anthony Hopkins is set to resume his role as Odin when Thor: Ragnarok begins filming this summer. While you might expect Odin to return to Asgard full of rage and give Loki a proper beat down, it seems we’ll be getting an entirely different Odin and far from the regal powerhouse we’ve come to expect.

It seems that the Allfather is fully aware of what the God of Lies is up to on Asgard and his retreat may have been a strategic one. When we see him next, Odin will be on Earth, incognito as a apocalyptic herald, warning the residents of Midgard about the upcoming cataclysm known as Ragnarok. It is here that he’ll eventually run into Thor, revealing to the Thunderer just how bad things are. Sounds like Odin will once again deliver some juicy exposition about the history of the universe and maybe give us some glimpses into just who might be behind the end of all things!

Geek.com went on to tease the fact that Loki isn’t the only villain out to antagonize Thor in the new film, though they stopped short of saying who will be a part of the team-up. News for the film could start dropping at anytime over the next couple of months with filming set to kick off in Australia in June, so we may start piecing together more of the puzzle then.

Thor: Ragnaork will hit theaters November 3, 2017.

Source: Geek.com.