After Sony and Marvel agreed to play nice with each other, speculation began to run wild as to when we would see Spider-Man in the MCU. After a long process, Marvel and Sony decided that Tom Holland would be the next incarnation of Peter Parker, who will make his MCU debut in next year’s Captain America: Civil War prior to headlining his own film in 2017.

We knew that Holland filmed scenes while the production was still underway in Atlanta, and he was recently spotted on set in Germany, indicating that his role will be a bit larger than originally thought. While no set photos of Holland or any variations of the Spider-Man costume have leaked, the internet has been full of rumors as to what the costume(s) could look like – and which costume he’d sport. Now, we have another rumor as to what costume Spider-Man will or will not wear in Civil War.

Spoiler Warning- Potential spoilers for Captain America: Civil War to follow.

Latino-Review is reporting that Spider-Man will NOT have the Iron Spider suit that was prevalent in the Civil War comics. In that arc, Tony created the suit in order to gain favor with Parker and convince him to side with him.

Even though Parker will not get the Iron Spider suit, LR’s report says Stark will help the young hero out in other ways.

Stark will be the one responsible for creating Spidey’s web shooters.

When we first meet young Spider-Man, Peter Parker will be a hero using only things a teenager has access too while Stark has the capability of making more “hero ready” suits

The thing that stands out the most is Parker not creating the web shooters himself. Kevin Feige has already stated that Spider-Man has been swinging around for some time now, which seemed to indicate that he had made his web shooters himself, just like in the comics.

One of the big complaints comic fans had of the original Raimi Spider-Man trilogy was Parker not building web shooters. I doubt Marvel would make this mistake. My guess is Parker has figured out the teenage way to control his web shooting, but Stark will provide him with a much better version of the equipment to go along with his “hero ready” suit.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters May 6, 2016.

Source: Latino-Review