UPDATE: SchmoesKnow, who originally reported this story, has deleted their article after James Gunn debunked a separate story of theirs regarding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. While this story has not been officially debunked by anyone connected to Marvel, its source and the fact that the original article has been deleted indicate that the story is very unlikely to be true.

Original article below:

Thor: Ragnarok is just over a year away, and while Marvel has told us about many characters who will appear, very little is currently known about the actual plot of the film. A new report from the folks over at Schmoes Know has offered some insight about the story, including the meaning of the title. In the comics (and norse mythology), “Ragnarok” refers to an apocalypse that brings about the end of the world. However, the new report claims that the titular “Ragnarok” refers not to the Asgardian apocalypse or a robot Thor clone, but to the name of a planet where much of the film will take place. Borrowing from the Planet Hulk storyline, the planet Ragnarok will apparently be home to gladiator-style arenas, operated by none other than The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). You can check out more details below, but be warned. While this report is currently just a rumor, it does have potential plot spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok:

While on Ragnarok, Thor and Hulk end up having to fight their way out in the arenas. The arenas are run by The Grandmaster who has a rather tough enforcer named Skurge (Karl Urban) who plays a big part in the plot of the film. While fighting in the arenas Thor runs into the beautiful Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) a fellow contestant. The two earn each other’s respect and plot a way off the planet. Somehow, Skurge turns to the light and helps them escape. How this all unfolds is still a mystery.

The report also claims that the planet Ragnarok will have a “Gladiator meets Mad Max aesthetic” and that Thor and Hulk must try to return to Asgard to prevent something disastrous from happening. If Ragnarok is indeed a planet rather than a world-ending event that must be prevented, this is a pretty significant change from the comics. Sound off in the comics below and let us know what you think about this potential story for the upcoming film.

Source: Schmoes Know.